The firm was founded by Charalambos G. Prountzos in 2010 and it operates throughout the island and abroad through a network of carefully selected associates. The offices of the firm are located in the heart of the commer- cial center of Nicosia in a state of the art technological and business environment.

The legal work and management duties in the firm are separated in an effort to dedicate maximum time by advo- cates on legal matters. Thus, the general management and staff supervision of the firm is carried out by George C. Prountzos, father of Charalambos G. Prountzos, a registered advocate since 1972 with vast managerial experience coming from 30 years of work in high management positions at, inter alia, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Interior Affairs.


The underlying vision of the firm is to operate as a highly specialized, contemporary commercial, corporate and financial law boutique.

The management of the firm feels that expanding their practice will enable them to provide a more comprehensive and concentrated service to their clients so they have proceeded with the addition of senior and junior associate lawyers. The firm’s policy is to have a high ratio of partners to support staff. As a result it can offer every client the services of a partner in relation to every matter, either on a day to day basis or in a supervisory role.

The firm’s main fields of services are Company and Commercial Law, International Business Transactions, Energy Law, Public, Constitutional and Administrative Law, General litigation, Finance, Banking and Competition Law and Financial Services Law.

Prountzos & Prountzos LLC is committed to high standards of professionalism. The firm follows a very strict KYC policy in an effort to establish a complete client profile, to follow the legislative provisions but above all to build a true and sincere personal relationship with those entrusting us with their interest and rights protection. Our clients.

Prountzos & Prountzos LLC is a Lawyer’s Limited Company registered in Cyprus with Reg. Number HE261075 and regulated by the Cyprus Bar Association under number 222.