Areas of Practice

Corporate Structuring & Restructuring

We possess extensive experience in Cyprus corporate law and advise on all its aspects. We service domestic and international clients across all sectors.

We represent legal entities on all phases of their corporate life starting from the establishment of an entity through to various aspects of its evolution and operation. This encompasses the incorporation of all types of corporate vehicles and drafting of their constitutional documents, regulating the relationship between shareholders as well as providing continuous support and advice on corporate law matters.

Our specialised team is actively engaged in the effective planning and implementation support for corporate reorganisations and internal restructurings and can offer advice on devising and implementing corporate compliance programs, structuring of the corporate governance of the entity and its capital structure.

In close co-operation with our network firms we can provide effective planning and advice on direct and indirect tax matters for the efficient planning of all corporate transactions.

We have extensive experience in domestic and cross-border corporate transactions, including mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, re-domiciliations of private, public and listed companies (into and out of Cyprus) as well as equity investments and change of control transactions.

In an increasingly competitive market, success requires an efficient corporate structure that is designed to minimize costs and optimize profits. Whether prompted by an acquisition, spin-off or internal restructuring, we help our clients to manage changes to their corporate organisation more effectively. We can deliver better value with lower risk by strategically addressing legal implications for our clients, providing high-quality client-centric legal advice and sophisticated project management. Working alongside our colleagues from tax, accounting, transaction advisory and finance advisory we can advise and support our clients on all aspects of the proposed transaction.

We provide support, advice and assistance to our clients for day-to-day commercial matters and transactions including, but not limited to, preparation, drafting and reviewing of various commercial agreements, provision of extensive advice on e-commerce, online commercial trade practices and consumer protection, as well as provision of regulatory advice to entities on licensing, advertising, marketing and labelling requirements in accordance with respective legislative frameworks.

Shareholder Matters & Corporate Governance

In a market where joint-ventures and collaborations are becoming increasingly popular, it is important to ensure that the co-operation between the parties is properly set out and agreed with all parties safeguarding their interests whilst at the same time ensuring the efficient operation of the company and the business.

We specialise in setting up joint venture structures by analysing the specific circumstances and intentions of the parties and advising on the optimal structure, arrangements and set-up for each client.

We provide full support, advice and assistance to our clients for setting-up and ongoing operation of their business relationship, shareholder structure, company and group corporate governance including, but not limited to, preparation, drafting and reviewing of shareholder agreements, articles of association, provision of extensive advice on the available options to the client for structuring their company and group from a governance perspective, so as to safeguard the rights of the shareholders but also provide an efficient and strong corporate governance regime as well as provision of ongoing advice to the efficient operation of their company and business.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Re – domiciliations

The high-speed business expansion and the need for consolidation drive businesses to consider changing the sear of their companies, for relief from regulation and efficient tax structuring.

Our specialised team has wide experience in all forms of restructurings and along with our specialised colleagues across the EU network in all lines of service, we offer to our clients a complete set of services and advice to structure and implement their merger, acquisition or re-domiciliation in the most efficient legal and tax option.

Our services include pre-merger/redomiciliation advice and structuring as well as support during the implementation of the restructuring in the chosen form by the client. We leverage on our extensive experience in domestic and cross-border corporate transactions, including mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, re-domiciliations of private, public and listed companies (into and out of Cyprus) to customize the procedure for each client.

Liquidation Support

Our specialised liquidation team undertakes the liquidation procedure for the client, including advising and implementing any necessary pre-liquidation steps, the liquidation procedure from appointment until the final dissolution of the company including drafting of all necessary documents and corporate resolutions, making all necessary filings and publications and providing ongoing support throughout the procedure. Our licensed insolvency practitioners may be appointed to the office of liquidator and undertake to manage, co-ordinate and support throughout the process.

Via our extensive network we can support the client will any ancillary requirements to the liquidation procedure, including direct and indirect tax advice.

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