Areas of Practise

Dispute Resolution Department

Our Firm has a dedicated and experienced litigation team handling cases before Cyprus Courts and tribunals. Our team is dealing with a broad spectrum of legal matters such as commercial and corporate law, banking and finance, employment, administrative law and public procurement and has represented both corporate and individual clients.

We have a dedicated team of advocates who undertake representation of domestic and international clients in relation to arbitration disputes arising mainly from construction contracts, banking and services agreements.  We provide an all-rounded legal assistance for every case we undertake, including drafting of a competent arbitration clause, advising on jurisdictional issues and surrounding elements such as the provisions for the appointment of arbitrators, and the applicable law to the recognition and enforcement of arbitration awards.

We have a team of accredited Mediators who may be appointed as Mediators for mediation proceedings or may represent our clients to such proceedings. Mediation is a method of alternative dispute resolution and it is essentially a negotiation facilitated by a neutral third party. The role of the mediator is to assist the parties in reaching a negotiated agreement.

Corporate & Commercial Disputes:

The Corporate and Commercial department of our firm covers a full spectrum of complex contentious corporate and commercial matters.

We frequently provide services to domestic and multi-national clients in diverse industries on an array of matters. The expertise of our litigation team, gained both in and out of court, is the prime basis for the successful resolution of numerous corporate and commercial conflicts we have completed. Much of our work revolves around cross-border claims, interim injunctions, freezing orders (Mareva injunction), Norwich Pharmacal orders and general injunctions depending on the circumstances of each case. The department also covers contractual disputes, corporate governance and shareholder disputes, civil fraud, conspiracy to defraud, asset recovery, local and cross-border mergers and acquisitions, tort, real estate disputes, and investor-related claims.

The firm acts both for corporate and individual clients in Supreme and District Court matters.

Asset Tracing

Our legal team of practitioners has been conducting, coordinating and participating to multijurisdictional asset recovery proceedings on behalf of defrauded individuals, corporations and banking institutions. We have also acted on the facilitating of the enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards.

Recent cases we have acted on include assisting with the enforcement of judgment and arbitral awards, commercial fraud litigation (mostly in relation to matters of misappropriation of assets), fraud, corruption, conspiracy to defraud across jurisdictions, as well as unpaid debts, recovery of assets and obtaining interim injunctions in the course of the legal proceedings.

Construction Disputes

Undoubtedly the field of construction and construction projects are often technically complicated, carry significant economical exposure for the parties, and involve a plethora of parties from numerous jurisdictions and professional roles. We have undisputable experience in the market for the provision of legal advice for contractual documents governing the parties’ relationship as well as undertaking the legal representation of  some of the key players in the construction field such as builders, joint ventures, property developers, architects, structural engineers, surveyors and building owners.

We possess the knowledge and expertise needed to deal with the myriad of factual, technical and legal issues that are associated and arise in Construction Disputes. We are ready to offer our legal services for resolving disputes in the most efficient manner; via channels of litigation, arbitration, or alternative dispute resolution.

Insurance & Personal Injury

Our firm has a specialised team for matters of personal injuries, claims deriving from accidents and insurance claims. We offer to our clients pre-litigation advice aiming to reach an out-of-court settlement for an efficient and timely settlement of their case. We can always represent clients in litigation procedures before Court where resolution is not reached.

We offer legal consultancy and services with regards to:

  • Medical negligence;
  • Professional negligence;
  • Damage to property;
  • Employers’ liability;
  • Employment injuries;
  • Defective products;
  • Public liability claims;
  • Road accidents or any other accident suffered.

Our team will guide you throughout the process, initially providing a detailed legal opinion on the particulars of your case regarding your options and the prospects of success of your case. Subsequently, our team will offer guidance and support for the collection of the required information and documents and initiate the relevant proceedings for your claim. The claim may include compensation for personal injuries, medical and other costs incurred or that may be incurred as a result of the accident, loss of future earnings, mental suffering or any other relevant compensation applicable.

Tort and Medical Negligence

Nowadays, perhaps more than ever before, everyone appreciates the importance of health and wellness. Upon this, many of us are seeking to receive the highest quality of medication either at the diagnosis stage, treatment, during surgical procedures, post- surgery and the offering of the appropriate medical equipment for full recovery.  Medicine, however, is a common area in which negligence occurs albeit the lack of ill-will from the medical professional or doctor.

In the unpleasant circumstances where medical care may have been applied negligently or with malpractice, our team of legal professionals can assist you with the recourse to all  available actions, including out – of – court settlement with the parties involved, liaising with insurance companies, assess the claim compensation towards pain and suffering, medical expenses incurred, lost salaries – income, temporary or permanent disability or other injury-related expenses. Our team of expect lawyers may represent you before Court for the success of the claim.

Similarly, our team of lawyers may undertake the legal representation of the defending party to such procedures and render its advice based on the distinctive characteristics of each case.

Debt Collection

The Firm has a specialised debt collection team ready to provide advisory services and litigation representation to domestic and international clients. We can assist you at any stage of the proceedings for collection of what is owed to you, i.e. from the drafting of the demand of payment letter to the filing and adjudication of the civil action and finally to the enforcement of the judgement and measures of execution of the judgement.

Following a comprehensive assessment of the particulars of your case we will suggest the more suitable course of action for the recovery of what is owed to you. Our expertise includes cases of breach of contracts, commercial debts, procedures of freezing of assets.

Family & Matrimonial Matters

The Firm’s family law team undertakes and carries out a wide range of family law matters, both for out-of-court proceedings as well as representation before the Family Courts. Our expertise includes:

  • Divorces (dissolution of religious or civil marriages);
  • Custody and Care of Children;
  • Registration of children in the restricted persons list (stop-list);
  • Alimony/Maintenance;
  • Marital Property Disputes;
  • Use of the marital home;
  • Adoption;
  • Child recognition.

We understand how difficult a situation may be where family ties are challenged and lives are affected. We take all necessary steps to fully support our clients during such challenging periods and offer our services in the most professional manner. Fully respecting and honouring the privacy of our clients, we  offer advice and support to our clients during the negotiations stage and via representation in litigation proceedings, including the application for urgent interim orders and for contempt of Court, concerning all aspects of family and matrimonial law.

Landlord and Tenant

Our specialised team provides professional advisory services as well as litigation representation to both corporate and individual clients. A coherent and well-structured tenancy or license to use agreement is key in safeguarding the parties’ interests and enabling a smooth relation between them.

We can undertake the establishment of the tenant-owner relationship from the start, including undertaking the drafting and review of tenancy or licence to use agreements for properties, including residential (including apartments, houses), offices, shops and business/goodwill purposes.

We have extensive experience in representing the clients before the Rent Control Courts or District Courts, for procedures such as eviction of tenants and recovery of possession, regulation of rent, trespassing, unlawful subletting, breach of tenancy or license to use agreements, damages occurred to the property, uncollected rents and other ancillary matters.

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