Areas of Practice

Power & Utilities Law

We regularly advise on the legal framework and the commercial legal issues of projects in the energy and renewables sector including projects such as wind parks, photovoltaic parks  and biofuel. We have advised prominent wind park transactions of power over 100 MW including advice on licensing, permitting, financing, due diligence/red-flagging reports and EPC contracts. The firm has also advised clients for the setting up, licensing and financing of multiple photovoltaic parks across Cyprus in excess of 25MW, on licensing and permits due diligence, land due diligence for the area of the PV Park set up, review and negotiation of EPC and Operation/Maintenance contracts and insurance coverage issues.

We are often called to assist on the drafting of power purchase agreements and electricity supply contracts for entities and consumers.

Environmental Law & Renewable Energy

Our legal team offers advice and assistance on licensing and permit matters, consents and appeals in relation to environmental matters and compliance with environmental legislation, for both local and EU regulation. Our team offers legal advice on all aspects of environmental law, ranging from waste management regulatory compliance to energy, including power and transmission, oil and gas, and renewables and sustainability.

Oil & Gas

As a firm we pride ourselves for our strong clientele in the oil & gas sector. We frequently advice on a wide range of areas of the Oil & Gas sector, including licensing and regulatory compliance matters, commercial transactions, drafting of agreements, negotiation participation and competition issues arising in energy markets. We regularly assist leading participants in the energy market on matters of public procurement procedures, applications for exploration licenses as well as negotiating and drafting various types of energy-related agreements. We have significant experience in liaising with relevant regulatory bodies involved in the monitoring of adherence to the requirements set out by national and EU energy oil and gas legislative frameworks.

Electric Mobility Advisory

A notable increase in the use of electric scooters, bikes and other electric mobility machines has been observed over the last couple of years. Our specialised team provides professional advisory services on the interpretation of applicable legislative frameworks on electric mobility, to both corporate and individual clients. We consider this an upcoming sector in the automobile industry which will challenge businesses to upgrade and utilise such new machinery, especially with regards to their obligations towards environmental sustainability. We are ready to advise and support our clients in such new endeavours, from a legal and a transaction advisory perspective.

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