Areas of Practice

Integrity is a necessary prerequisite for a company to achieve its mission, and the legal department is tasked with the role of acting as its gatekeeper. Companies need to be shielded from possible fraud allegations, whistle-blowers, regulatory inquiries and other disputes that may tarnish the organisation’s reputation. In the face of such a great breadth of responsibilities, legal departments often choose to delegate and entrust this gatekeeping function to EY professionals.

Our firm is part of the global EY network whose credentials and expertise allows it to offer a comprehensive package of Forensic & Integrity Services to clients, including:

  • Assistance in investigative and compliance matters such as Financial statements, Bribery & corruption, Money Laundering, Asset Tracing, Fraud and defalcation, Monitory and Risk Assessments;
  • Forensic accounting, litigation reports, arbitration and expert witness in claims and disputes;
  • Assistance in cyber response planning, data privacy compliance, recovery and remediation, information governance and data classification.

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