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Legal Function Consulting

Until recently, businesses had to take a binary choice between having an in-house legal department or seeking external legal advice. Market players now demand a combination of these options to gain the best of both worlds. Businesses are increasingly interested in having a self-serving legal function to safely conduct day-to-day business and engage legal counselors less frequently for more specialised matters.

As part of the global EY team, our firm understands the growing need for establishing cost-effective and robust in-house legal departments that are capable of providing business-nuanced advice. EY teams advise on the optimum organisational design of legal departments to achieve tailored outcomes, while streamlining their operations through the use of leveraging technologies.

EY law has recently acquired Pangea 3 and Riverview law, two Alternative Legal Services Providers (ALSP) providing the Cyprus practice with client delivery and other services which no other Cyprus firm is in a position to offer. Our legal professionals also enjoy access to AI powered tools like Luminance and EY – developed tools for due diligence and other services.

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