Areas of Practice

Managed Review & Functional Analysis

The digitisation of the workplace has transformed the way in which documents are stored. Data can be kept in various electronic forms, ranging from Word and Excel documents to email correspondence and text messages in virtual collaboration platforms. Reviewing large volumes of documents, stored and exchanged in differentiated formats, can be a daunting task and this is a challenge many firms are expected to face as multiple sectors of the economy are incrementally becoming more data-driven.

We can help our clients to navigate through the voluminous sea of documents by reviewing the data and highlighting all the relevant information that merit attention in order to prepare for litigation or investigation.

Examples where clients have used our services:

  • Reviewing non-English language audio and video files;
  • Extracting key data to help inform business decisions;
  • Redacting data involving confidential and personal information;
  • Undertaking deviation analysis and risk review.

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