Areas of Practice

Public & Administrative Law Advisory & Dispute Resolution Services

Our firm has a specialised team of lawyers with expertise on administration law and public procurement matters providing advisory services and litigation representation before Tenders Review Authority, the Supreme Court, and the Administrative Court. The Firm regularly represents corporations, public corporate bodies, administrative bodies and individual clients in niche markets, including the energy sector, pharmaceuticals sector, in-vitro diagnostics, medical devices, IT, construction, waste management and disposal, education, public sector and public procurement tenders for the Republic of Cyprus.

Notably, we have successfully represented clients in Electoral Applications before the Supreme Court of Cyprus, where the latter decided that the legislation enacted was unconstitutional.

Further examples of our expertise include appeals before the Administrative Court of Cyprus with regard to promotions or appointments of civil servants in the public sector, customs and excise, town planning and statutory interpretation.

The Firm has experience with more than one hundred cases before the Tenders Review Authority in relation to government projects with budget in excess of four hundred million Euros. We offer legal consultation and representation of clients from review of tender documentation prior to submission to challenges of awards to third-parties before the Tenders Review Authority and claims against private clients by the Government before the  Exclusions Committee.

The firm has represented an array of private clients active in the above sectors, as well as Awarding Authorities both at the pre-tendering stage in relation to drafting and reviewing procurement documentation, as well as before the Tenders Review Authority for challenges of awards or cancellation of tender procedures.

Services to Public Law Entities

We have taken upon a significant number of legal opinions towards Public Corporate Bodies, such as universities, on the basis of the general principles of administrative law for their internal matters which arise from the implementation of their corresponding laws. Highlights of our clientele include reviewing the current process of performance evaluation for the appointment and/or promotion of the administrative staff of one of the largest Public Corporate Bodies in Cyprus, with the provision of in-depth analysis on the possible hurdles to be faced with introducing new assessment procedures without the need of legislative amendment.

Legislative Drafting Support Services

Our team of lawyers has been heavily involved in the review and evaluation of the current legal framework of one of the largest Public Corporate Bodies and its Disciplinary Regulations. Following the identification of the strengths and weaknesses of the current legal framework and Disciplinary Regulations, we drafted a new legislative proposal, which was submitted to the House of Representatives for review and consideration.

Law on Education & Academia

We have advised academic institutions of different levels of education (such as high-schools, universities, the Open University of Cyprus etc.) for an array of matters including credit-recognition policies, intellectual property matters for academic researches and funding applications for research centres.

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