Areas of Practice

Real Estate Transactions

We have a specialized department focusing on transactions involving sale, purchase, financing and administration of immovable property. The team advises both buyers and sellers on the pre-requisite due diligence exercises, including but not limited to:

  • Confirmation of ownership or title to specific land or real estate;
  • Analysis of encumbrances, mortgages and memos on real estate & land;
  • Assistance with drafting or review of property sale / purchase agreements or leasing arrangements;
  • Assistance with setting up the financing and repayment mechanisms from a legal perspective relating to complex real-estate transactions.

Moreover, the department assists both private individuals and corporate clients with the legal requirements pertaining to their investment to invest in immovable property in Cyprus. Examples of our advisory services include legal advice in relation to estate planning and administration, acquisition and disposal of property, Leasing mechanisms, financing and re-financing schemes.

Our experienced litigation team represents clients in litigation proceedings regarding any disputes arising from the above-mentioned matters.

Real Estate Development Projects

Our specialised team of lawyers can assist real estate development and construction companies and other real estate experts on an wide array of matters, including legal advice on development projects including advise on agreements in compliance in accordance with the Technical Chamber of Cyprus construction templates, drafting of bespoke agreements for architects, engineers and sub-contractors, pre-sale and sale and purchase agreements. In collaboration with our Banking & Finance department, our team of lawyers can also assist with the financing arrangements in place, including loan agreements, securities and guarantees and escrow agreements.

Real Estate Legal Audit Services

Our specialised team can assist buyers and sellers with the requisite due diligence exercises before the purchase and/ or sale of property. Such due diligence advisory includes:

  • Reviewing of corporate documentation of the Parties involved in the proposed transaction;
  • Confirmation of ownership and/ or title regarding specific land or real estate; and
  • Comprehensive analysis of official documentation issued by the Land Registry related to encumbrances, mortgages and memos on real estate and land.

Construction Contracts

Our Firm has a dedicated team specialized in matters related to construction. Our specialised team offers clients operating in the construction industry all required legal assistance with the negotiation process and execution of construction agreements. We have extensive experience in the preparation, drafting, reviewing and undertaking negotiations with construction contracts. We regularly advise on international-format contracts and custom drafted documentation and agreements such as engineering, procurement and construction (“EPC”) contracts for construction works on large-scale and complex infrastructure projects.