Areas of Practice

Understanding the need for representation of Turkish-Cypriot clients to Cyprus courts, we have established our specialised Turkish-Cypriot desk, focusing solely on the needs of Turkish Cypriot clients.

We offer the following services pertaining to Turkish Cypriot properties and to Greek Cypriot properties in the occupied area.

Turkish Cypriot Property Law

  • Liaison with the Ministry of Interior (the guardian of Turkish Cypriot (“T/C”) properties);
  • Recovery of the amount from the confiscation, nationalisation of T/C properties held by the Ministry of Interior;
  • Valuation / Re-valuation of the T/C properties and/or litigation regarding the amount of confiscation.

Probate for Turkish Cypriots

  • Advising on matters relating to wills and inheritance law;
  • Preparation and filing the application and the documentation for the issue of the probate order;
  • Appointment of our lawyers as executors or administrators;
  • Preparing and filing the inventory of the estate.

Immovable Property Commission

  • Drafting and preparing applications;
  • Supervision of the application and litigation process.

Private Client Services for Turkish Cypriots

  • Completion, together with the client, of Citizenship applications;
  • Undertaking to represent the client in litigation cases involving rejection of citizenship applications.

Green Line Regulation Advisory

As part of our Turkish – Cypriot Desk service offering we can assist our clients with the provision of legal advice in relation to Council Regulation (EC) No 866/2004 (the “Regulation”) regarding the terms under which persons and goods from the non-government-controlled areas can cross into the government-controlled areas and offer legal assistance with drafting and/or undertake the filing of the legal forms required for the implementation of the Regulation.

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