The right to disconnect

27 Apr 2021 | Tania Tofaridou

The right to disconnect

The outbreak of Covid-19 created a new reality of digital working. Research shows that working from home has increased by almost 30% and it is expected that this figure will increase. While working from home provides greater flexibility, people working from home report that they are often surpassing the maximum working hours per week and working in their free time.  


It is important for employees to maintain a life-work balance and for employers to implement a policy to provide guidelines and provide the employees the right to file a complaint for excessive working hours. It is for this reason that the Members of the European Parliament, with 472 votes in favour, 126 against and 83 abstentions, call on the Commission to propose a law that enables those who work digitally to disconnect outside their working hours.


Notably, France is considered to be a pioneer in legally recognising this new right back in 2017, followed by other European countries being at the preparatory stage of introducing such legislation.

Author: Tania Tofaridou

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