Katerina Costara

Katerina was born in 1995. She has been educated at the University of Cyprus from which she obtained an LL.B Degree in 2017. In 2018 she successfully passed the exams of the Cyprus Bar Association. Subsequently, after one year of postgraduate studies, she obtained an LLM in Banking Law and Financial Regulation from the London School of Economics and Political Science in August 2019. She was admitted as a member of the Cyprus Bar Association in 2019 and started practicing in the same year.

Katerina joined our firm in August 2022 as Senior Associate in the Litigation Department. Before, she was working as a litigation lawyer at a leading law firm in Nicosia with a broad banking and commercial litigation practice representing and advising one of the largest financial institutions of Cyprus in various matters such as debt collection cases, claims regarding foreign-currency loan agreements and various types of security agreements, claims disputing the charges of the financial facilities, cases involving the protection of consumers under the L.93(I)/1996 and L.112(I)/2021 and the relevant EU legislation, appeals against the foreclose notifications according to the Law 9/1965 and other matters involving foreclosure procedures under the Law 9/1965. She has also acquired experience dealing with injunctions such as Norwich Pharmacal and Mareva.

Now, her main areas of practice include civil law litigation pertaining to a variety of cases including tortious and negligence claims, debt collection claims, personal injury claims as well as administrative and employment law.